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Safe Sound & Tactical Group – delivers firearm and defensive firearm training and we also supply firearm accessories from both our online store, Pro Shop and at some gun shows.

Sign up for one of our firearm classes and you’ll be in excellent hands with our highly trained, certified, professional instructors. If there is one thing we have its a passion for firearms and firearm training. We provide a low student to instructor ratio to ensure you receive the full attention you deserve and to keep everyone safe on the firing range. Our highly competent, alert and attentive instructors will assist you with your training and development and still keep things fun. Sometimes specialized attention is really essential to  your development, growth and safe experience while on the firing range and we want your experience with us to be world class, setting the foundation for your further growth. Our firearm and training programs are designed to meet a wide range of needs from basic first steps to intermediate levels leading to more advanced tactical skills. If you’ve ever been to a firearm training class and been coached by someone who knows less than you know about firearms you will understand what were talking about. If you’ve ever been at a firing range and been muzzled by a gun, loaded or unloaded you’ll hopefully understand. Your safety is our first and utmost priority while your on the range with us.

Nowadays, it seems to us that there are a lot of so called instructors in the firearms industry, not all we would recommend taking a class with. It takes some very special skills to be a good instructor.  Recently we observed a class, from a local instructor , we were headed to the range and noticed a class in progress, so we decided to spend a few moments as a casual observer. The lead and only instructor was  about eight yards behind the students, where he couldn’t see what was happening on the firing line, he was busy nose down in his notes reading his course of fire to the students, his assistant – was watching the line with an obstructed view. We observed several major firearm safety violations and pointed them out to the assistant who walked over to the persons concerned and pointed out the issues. Shooter #1 was wearing thick suspenders to keep his pants up and had successfully managed to snag his pistol  on the suspenders as he was drawing the pistol from the holster. Shooter  #3 had an inexpensive soft material holster that he was using his support hand to hold open the holster before re-holstering the pistol. Re-holstering his loaded gun by pointing his gun at his support hand. To the untrained and inexperienced things might have appeared OK. To the experienced and knowledgeable well, that’s a different story.

As we mentioned your safety on the range is our highest priority.

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When it comes to defensive pistol shooting “We aim to please, you should  also aim, firstly to be safe.” We consider a firearm as a tool, a tool of last resort, firearms can also be a lot of fun, when used correctly.”  Be Safe. The easiest fight to win is the one you avoid.

Seems like when we start to talk pistol firearm training to people, the first thing they think about is concealed carry of a firearm, many times we hear, “Does this course qualify me for the concealed carry class training.” Here’s our response. “We think its important to learn to shoot a firearm, it’s a  very valuable skill and also a lot of fun.” “We sincerely hope you never have to use one in self defense of yourself or others, but just like you learn to  drive a car before you take the drivers test, we are of the opinion you should train and learn to use a firearm properly.” “Some states such as Utah do not require a shooting qualification for the issue of a concealed weapons permit, some states such as Nevada if you can hit a 8 1/2  by 11 piece of paper from seven yards your good to go if you meet the other legal requirements.” California –  on the other hand has some very strict shooting qualifications for Concealed Weapon Permits including time requirements.  It’s a known fact that a stressful situation such as possibly having to defend yourself with a firearm will result in you not shooting as well as a zero stress situation. Your groups will at least double in size. As part of the philosophy of keeping you safe we encourage you to train and practice regularly. As a good friend used to say, “It’s not practice that makes perfect, its perfect practice that makes perfect.”  Introduce some stress to your training, don’t just do and practice the things your good at, practice the  things you need to improve on.

At this time and for your protection, we’re  only accepting payments on this site through Paypal for products and training from our online Pro Shop. If you would like to pay by credit card give us a call. It’s much safer that way.

“We’re always listening to our customers.”