Defensive Firearm Classes



The safety of students on the range is our absolute first and highest priority. Highly competent, knowledgeable, experienced, vigilant and attentive professional instructors, skilled and knowledgeable in the adult learning process are essential to a students growth and safe range time.

Experienced instructors quickly troubleshoot, diagnose and correct issues reducing frustration, saving time, money and keeping you motivated and focused when you return home.  In essence a good coach is invaluable! Unlike some organizations, we won’t use other students to coach you.  We think that you really need someone who knows much more than you to enhance your skills and keep you and the range safe.

Our training philosophy is simple, functional, flexible and yet very dynamic. If a technique doesn’t work in the real world it’s of no use to us and probably no use to you. It’s aimed at delivering maximum performance and may cover additional material based upon students questions, concerns and interests. We encourage students to grow in their skill and knowledge both during and after leaving classes. We’ll generally explain the how and the why behind a technique and show you more than one method. Having heard from an instructor in a class we attended at a Nationally Recognized School, “We don’t cover that in this class,” that didn’t inspire us apart from pushing harder to obtain an answer from the instructor. We already knew the possible answers and then received a “Well we can’t do that..because … We thought that was totally unreasonable. So our delivery is a little different.

See the Training Schedule for dates and locations. Additional Classes are added based upon demand.

A few words about our Sacramento facility. We are very pleased and privileged to have found a facility in the Sacramento area that offers excellent outdoor facilities, with over a hundred and thirty yards to the backstop and approximately 80 yards wide, we are capable of delivering some excellent classes and courses of fire on this facility. Some might think 100 yard plus pistol shots are unnecessary, if not out of the question, it takes mastery of the fundamentals and good technique to consistently hit a small target at that distance. Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch in Oregon is known for having said, “A Pistol is used to fight your way to your rifle.” We believe, if all you have is a hammer and a nail that may be your only choice and the tool to use at the moment.

We also have some very special news for California AR15 shooters when training with us in Sacramento.

From time to time we may invite specialized outside instructors to our training facilities. Sign up for the newsletter to receive additional information.

Our Instructors

NRA Classes


Pistol – 1 – An Introduction – Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting

Six (6) hours hands-on class representing (70-75%) range time and (25-30%) classroom instruction. Designed for those who may or may not have received prior formal or informal firearm instruction. This course is delivered by NRA Certified and California DOJ Certified, fully trained and highly experienced professional instructors. You’ll be in excellent hands with our team of highly trained, certified professionals.Topics include; firearm safety, firearm maintenance, cleaning, manipulation, legal requirements for storage and transportation, stance or platform, consistent firing grip, shooting positions, breathing, follow-through, loading, unloading, reloading, malfunction clearances, aiming, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control and manipulation, slack and pressing (not pulling, squeezing) the trigger, ammunition selection, range commands, improving marksmanship. It addresses both revolvers and semi-automatic handguns. As you would imagine at this level time is devoted to the safety elements to ensure your future success. There are no prerequisites for this course, which exceeds the NRA Basic Pistol Class. Dry (without ammunition) and live fire drills will be used in the range elements, coaching is provided. We’ll spend time looking at the various kinds of handguns in terms of makes, models and styles with an explanation of their features benefits and disadvantages and provide some insights, look at how to select a firearm for a specific purpose. Upon successful completion a certificate will be awarded.Take away materials are provided.

Cost $250 includes all range fees and ammunition. Class Size restricted to 12 students

Provides an opportunity to take California’s Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC or FSC) Firearms Safety Certificate at an additional cost of $25, (unless exempted, the HSC \ FSC is a requirement to purchase a handgun \ Long Gun in the State of California – it is valid for 5 years).

Required Equipment:

        1. Baseball style hat or hat with brim
        2. Ear and eye protection are required and  loaners can be provided
        3. Personal firearm with approval from the instructor
        4. Personal water supply \ Electrolyte replacement fluid
        5. Lunch, snacks
        6. Camera (optional)

At this level we provide:

          1. Eye and Ear Protection (Electronic hearing protection is preferred)
          2. Pistol .22 caliber or higher (additional handguns may be rented with prior notice at certain locations)
          3. 22 caliber ammunition

Pistol – 1A – Introduction to Pistol Shooting

3 improved  groupon bullets

Pistol Class 1A – (Groupon Special Promotion) delivered by NRA and California DOJ Certified instructors, represents approximately 5 hours of hands-on range time and 45 minutes of classroom time. It is a slightly condensed version of Pistol 1. Approximately 250 Rounds of  factory ammunition will be required for this class – ammunition cost is not included in the cost, nor is firearm rental if required. We strongly suggest, “Factory new,” ammunition to avoid any potential ammunition issues. Ammunition and Firearm rental can be supplied if pre-ordered. Students may provide their own pistols and ammunition or some rental pistols are available at our Sacramento facility. Please see equipment guidelines for Pistol 1 above. Demonstrations,  dry and live fire will be conducted, instruction and coaching are provided as part of the range element of the class. Additional supervised range practice time can be provided for those who would like to take advantage of it following completion of the class.

Cost $115

Groupon Customers will need to contact us directly by either phone or email as Groupon does not supply contact information to us.

Class Size restricted to 12 Students.

Students will have the option of taking the California HSC \ FSC test at the conclusion of the class at an additional cost of $25. HSC \ FSC certificate is required to purchase a firearm in California.

Pistol – 2 – Introduction to Combat Pistol \ Defensive Pistol

      • Training for the fight

Seven (7) hours range time. Equipment and ammunition check will be performed.

Target Market: This is an intermediate level class aimed primarily towards the civilian shooter who desires a higher skill level either pre or post CCW holder. This class while at an intermediate skill level offers an introduction and exposure to the concepts outlined below. Many people ask us will this qualify me to apply for a CCW permit in California or Nevada. The primary goals of a CCW class are to teach laws and test for firearm proficiency. This is a practical shooting course and will build the skills and prepare you to exceed the practical element of a CCW class. We strongly urge you, prior to your CCW application to build skills and competence with a pistol.

Brief review of safety and pistol fundamentals, moving quickly from Dry fire, to “Hot range,” at the instructors discretion and students’ ability.

Skill Building. The Draw and covert draw and presentation. Timed Fire,exactly how long does it take you to draw and fire two shots, three shots? Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Sighting alternatives, Point shooting. Smooth Trigger Manipulation and Trigger Control. Reloads, Clearing malfunctions and stoppages. Combat marksmanship, Threat assessment and Multiple threat engagement tactical sequence. Verbal Commands and their importance.Close quarters engagement. The pistol as a striking instrument. Specialty drills designed to improve and build skills, strong hand, support hand shooting and manipulation. Concealment \ Cover. Moving and shooting. Shooting on the move. Shooting positions. Stress Management with practical shooting drills – optional, student will determine the level of stress applied. Pistol Retention.

Modern updated, low drag, highly effective gun-handling techniques, designed to work under extreme stress because that’s exactly what you might face.

Prior experience suggested: Basic pistol and reasonable marksmanship, ideally prior holster use. At the instructors discretion.

Cost $195 plus $10 range fee – Outdoor Sacramento range. Round count 450, Factory New Ammunition preferred.

New Factory Ammunition  and firearm rental can be pre-ordered at additional cost at our Sacramento facility.

Instructors Note: Depending on the skill level in attendance, additional material may be covered.

Pistol – 3 Combat Pistol \ Defensive Pistol

Skill Building on the basics, Firearm manipulation, additional shooting positions. Appendix carry, Support hand draw. Drills. Additional Curriculum.

Cost $150 plus $10 range fee – Sacramento range. Round count 600, Factory New ammunition preferred.

Low Light \ No light Conditions \ Night Shooting – Coming Soon

          With many firearm incidents occurring in low or no light conditions, its important to experience shooting in those conditions. Working with both a flashlight and possibly an optional tactical mounted light on your firearm(s). It’s not the sort of thing you get much opportunity to practice. Do you really need night sights? What about a lazer? Are more gadgets better? Ammunition flash testing – what signature are you producing? While it may look impressive, is it a good thing? Some restrictions prerequisites apply.

Carbine 1 – An Introduction

Fundamentals, zeroing the firearm, shooting positions, standing, kneeling, sitting, prone. Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, trigger control.

Combat Carbine – 2

Combat Carbine 2 is a one-day, seven (7) hour course designed for the fundamentals of carbine \ rifles in close quarters (2 yards) out to 140 yards in defensive situations. Reloads, malfunctions, firearm transition and retention. Moving and shooting. Shooting on the move. Shooting positions. Iron sights \ Optics at close and longer ranges.

Suggested Prerequisites: Basic carbine or prior level experience, also highly suggested Pistol 2 above.


Zeroed Defensive carbine with sling for weapon retention \ transitions. ( Optional Optics)
Defensive handgun
450, Factory New Rifle rounds
100, Factory New Pistol rounds
Alternatively shoot a pistol caliber carbine and pistol in the same caliber. 550

Recommended General Shooting Equipment (Pistol 2 and Carbine 1 and above)

        • Note taking ability
        • Phone, Camera – Please check with others before taking photographs
        • Appropriate clothing for the season and range conditions, suitable for possible strenuous activity, indoor \ outdoor (rain, sun, heat cold) dress in layers
        • Sunscreen \ after sun lotion
        • Appropriate foot wear for range (no open toed footwear)
        • Hearing protection (electronic preferred)
        • Eye protection
        • Baseball style hat recommended
        • Modern firearm and Kydex style Holster – strong side, good quality gunbelt & magazine pouches that retain equipment during movement
        • Backup firearm suggested (same caliber as main handgun)
        • Handheld light and an optional firearm mounted light (with suitable holster) extra batteries for low light shoot
        • Firearm lubrication, cleaning materials
        • Drinking Water \ Electrolyte Replacement Fluid \ Energy Bars
        • Sun screen, bug repellent
        • Knee and Elbow pads (optional for some classes and your comfort)
        • A good attitude and an open mind
        • Suitable quality Firearm, Minimum of 4 or 5 magazines \ Speed loaders for each firearm
        • Factory Ammunition
        • Zeroed Carbine \ Long Gun and Long Gun Magazine pouches
        • At some point you may choose to invest in a shot timer to measure your performance and Snap Caps (Dummy Ammunition) and training magazines

If you are attending a firearms class for the first time we suggest you don’t spend a lot of money on equipment that may not work well. The training experience is also about learning what equipment works best.  There is nothing worse than attending a class and not getting the full benefit of the class due to equipment issues and failures.

If you have any questions about equipment or classes please don’t hesitate to contact us.