The Book of Two Guns: The Martial Art of the 1911 Pistol and AR Carbine – Tiger McKee

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The Book of Two Guns is a handwritten and hand illustrated collection of material gathered during ten years of intensive firearms training, both as a student and instructor. The book has been extremely well received, and is found on the bookshelves and range bags of dedicated shooters across the globe. The focus of the book is the 1911 pistol and the AR carbine, although a vast majority of the techniques included will work with any type of firearm. The Book of Two Guns covers both the mental aspects of fighting with firearms as well as the physical techniques. The “book” began life as a training diary, a record of Tiger Mckee's Musha-Shugyo, or training pilgrimage. The result is a work of art and a valuable training reference for the ultimate martial art - fighting with firearms.

Tiger Mckee is the Founder and Director of Shootrite Firearms Academy (est. 1995) he is a lifelong student of personal combat, and is one of the nation's top firearms instructors for armed citizens, law enforcement, military and security personnel. McKee was awarded an expert rating with handgun and rifle by Colonel Jeff Cooper of Gunsite, and has been an adjunct instructor at Clint Smith's Thunder Ranch since 1995 . He has assisted various agencies in designing their own customized training programs, and  serves as an adjunct instructor for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Tiger's extensive experience has given him a prominent position and voice in the world of modern tactical training. He is a regular guest on Personal Defense TV, a staff writer for SWAT magazine, Tactical Gear magazine, and a columnist for the Tactical Wire, an internet publication. His many innovations in tactical equipment, from target systems to flashlight lanyards and custom grips for the AR-style rifle, are also in wide circulation.

Tiger McKee recently published a DVD presented by Guntalk, "Fighting with the 1911."

Download an excerpt in PDF format here.Published: January 19, 2005


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