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Instructor 1 (Steven)

Has many years of defensive shooting experience and training. He has trained alongside such trainers as Massad Ayoob, Ben Cooley,  John Farnham – DTI, Tom Givens – RangeMaster, Memphis, TN), Gabe Suarez (Suarez International) and several other national and internationally recognized high profile firearm trainers.

Steven has spent several years working in the Arab countries of the Middle East and has been a Glock Armorer for over ten (10) years and an NRA Firearms Instructor for over 12 years.

He holds several NRA Instructor Level Certifications, among them being; Chief Range Safety Officer,  Personal Protection Outside and Inside the Home, NRA’s Refuse to be a Victim and NRA’s Pistol Instructor.  Steven has competed and placed on several occasions at state level shooting matches.

Steven specializes in defensive pistol instruction for civilians and enjoys working with both shooters new to shooting sports and the more seasoned shooters. In addition he has spent several years teaching highly technical material in an adult learning environment and is knowledgeable about adult learning concepts and methods.

Instructor 2 (Ron)

Instructor 2, (Ron) was an Air Force Security Forces (Air Force Military Police) team member and team leader for 14 years.  During his active duty, he was stationed both stateside and in European and Middle Eastern Theaters.

While stateside, he participated in competitive shooting events representing the Air Force Space Command. Post 9/11 saw him re-enlist and  in 2002  become a Combat Arms Instructor. During this time he trained Air Force personnel in basic and advanced firearms and tactics. Ron has extensive classroom and practical firearm experience using the M9 (Beretta 92 and 96 models), AR platform, Glock and other firearms.

Ron works in Technology for a well established and well known Technology company.

The last two lines of the Combat Instructors  Creed are …… “I am an Air Force Combat Arms Instructor, ours is the profession of arms, We train in peace, to prepare for war.”

Combat Arms Instructors are United States Air Force Security Forces personnel who train base populace on the use of small arms, oversee, maintain and repair all small arms in the U.S. Air Force inventory. (TSgt and above) they are Security Forces personnel who completed the 9 week Combat Arms Apprentice Course and conduct marksmanship training  to prepare all Air Force personnel for home station and deployment operations. Combat Arms specialists lead, manage, supervise and implement small arms weapons training programs. Their duties include operating firing ranges and associated facilities, enforcing range safety, inspecting/repairing weaponry, performing preventative maintenance, developing/utilizing training aides and determining training/maintenance resource requirements. Combat Arms personnel also provide training in safeguarding weapons, ammunition and equipment; instructing small arms weapons qualification training and providing guidance on weapons placement to SF and other ground defense force commanders. Combat Arms Instructors are the Air Forces small arms weapons Subject Matter Experts (SME).

Instructor 3 (Don)

Instructor 3 – (Don) served for over twenty five (25) years with San Francisco Police Department. During that time Don was involved with numerous departments of the  SF Police Force. He is an engaging character with some very interesting stories.

Instructor 4 (Scott)

Instructor 4 – (Scott) worked  for several years as an instructor for another Firearm Tactical Defensive Organization. Scott works full time in the public eye and is happy to work part-time in a sport and industry he loves and enjoys.

Why we don’t publish pictures and last names of our instructors.

Believe it or not, some of us believe in attempting to maintain or at least some of our privacy by attempting to keep a low profile.  We already think there is too much personal information out there on the web and we don’t have to be recognized on the street to indulge our egos. Look carefully at some of the published pictures on our web site and you might see some of us there. There again you might not!

So just to reinforce the point, riding up in the elevator at Stanford Hospital’s surgical unit the other day someone turned to Steven and said. “Hey I know you, don’t you ………”












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