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Do You Need a Tax Deduction?
— See what Gun Owners of America Foundation is doing for gun rights!

(email received 12/29/14)

We at Gun Owners hope that you are enjoying the holiday season.

And even though Congress is  currently out of session, Gun Owners Foundation is still at work defending the rights of gun owners who are being persecuted in the courts.

Among other things, GOF is the litigating arm of Gun Owners.  Because it’s a foundation — or 501(c)(3) — all contributions made to it are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

So, if you are looking to make a last-minute contribution to get a tax deduction, why not consider Gun Owners Foundation?

For your convenience, you can donate online here.

GOF exists in order to educate the public about the importance of the Second Amendment and to provide legal, expert and support assistance for law-abiding individuals involved in firearms-related cases.

As we mentioned in a previous alert this month, here’s just a snippet of what GOF did this past year:

* In June, GOF forced the ATF to back off its efforts to expand its “multiple sales requirements” to register most rifles sold throughout the country.

* That same month, GOF helped produce an important decision from the U.S. Supreme Court in Susan B. Anthony v. Driehaus, a ruling which makes it much harder for state bureaucrats to squelch the ability of GOA and its grassroots to hold legislators accountable.

* Earlier in the year, GOF filed a brief challenging the draconian Connecticut gun ban in Shew v. Malloy.  The law bans so-called “assault weapons” and “large capacity magazines” and has made criminals out of hundreds of thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens who have refused to register their weapons.

* And while GOF is helping to back a second Heller case in the federal courts, gun owners may remember that our work in the first Heller case (from 2008) was regarded as truly distinctive by legal analysts.  USA Today reported that our first brief was the only one to argue that the words “shall not be infringed” invalidated all federal gun control laws.

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in another critical case where GOF is involved.

Johnson v. U.S. would determine whether mere possession of an unlicensed, short-barreled shotgun constitutes a violent felony.  If such possession is a violent felony, then the defendant in this case could face a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years.

Gun Owners Foundation is the only gun group to have submitted an amicus brief on Johnson’s side.

During the oral arguments, the Supreme Court justices appeared to be engaged in the issues, and were interested in the fact that there are many lawful non-dangerous uses of a short-barreled shotguns, as we discussed extensively in our amicus brief.

There’s a lot going on, and Gun Owners Foundation is right in the midst of it all.

We at Gun Owners hope that you will have a safe and Happy New Year, and we thank you for your support of GOF!

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